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Perimeter Metal Glass Options
Innovative Structural Glass Perimeter glazing members can be made to virtually disappear, becoming almost invisible recessed behind surrounding finishes, or exposed and finished to complement adjacent materials. The only metal framing required on a conventional glass wall systems is at the perimeter, and it can be recessed to increase maximum visibility. This feature allows for exceptional beauty with great structural integrity. The perimeter metal is available in all popular architectural metals and finishes. It is ideal for transforming structural glass systems into veils of beauty. Top quality cladding preserves the inherent clarity of these handsome metals. The typical installation utilizes a u-channel around the perimeter. Sizes vary depending on the installation.

Metal Finishes
Splice plate assemblies, perimeter metal and entrance hardware can be finished to match project specifications. The following finishes are available:

Anodized Finishes
US-28 Clear Anodized
312 Medium Bronze Anodized
313 Dark Bronze Anodized
315 Black Anodized
688 Gold Anodized (BHMA Number)

Clad Finishes:
US-3 Polished Brass (260 Alloy)
US-4 Satin Brass (260 Alloy)
US-5 Antique Brass (260 Alloy)
US-9 Polished Bronze (220 Alloy)
US-10 Satin Bronze (220 Alloy)
US-10B Statuary Bronze (220 Alloy)
US-32 Polished Stainless Steel (304 Alloy)
US-32D Satin Stainless Steel (304 Alloy)

Painted Finishes:
Electrostatic painting upon request (Duranar, Kynar and others). Contact ISG regarding custom paints and colors.

ISG Color#: UC43350 ISG Color#: UC51618XL ISG Color#: UC56729 ISG Color#: UC51703XL ISG Color#: UC43359 ISG Color#: UC51704 ISG Color#: UC51524
ISG Color#: UC52138XLBC ISG Color#: UC45082 ISG Color#: UC51602XL
Contact ISG for additional custom colors.
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