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Glass Fin Structures by Innovative Structural Glass offer an exciting option for your glass wall design needs, by creating expansive areas of total vision. Glass fins, full height or cantilevered, are used in the place of conventional metal mullions to brace the system and transfer wind load and seismic forces to the supporting boundary structure by providing support along each vertical glass joint.

Depending on specific dimensions, mainplate glass can span the height of the opening in a single lite or in multiple lites. Specially engineered splice plate assemblies or spider fittings can join the mainplates to the fins. The resulting system is one that yields maximum visibility, a sense of openness, and a modern flair.

ISG System Advantages
  1. ISG's Glass Fin Structures allow maximum unobstructed view.

  2. ISG's Glass Fin Structures eliminate the need for conventional metal mullions.

  3. A wide array of glass types and configurations are available. Monolithic and laminated glass fin constructions are available in a wide array of glass types and tints. Create your own glass and get performance data with the ISG Glass Designerę

  4. Ceramic frit screen patterns or etched designs can be used on the glass to enhance any system design. Lines patterns, solids, or photographic half-tones are all available options. See the ISG Glass Designerę for some ideas.
Glass Fin Options
  1. 3/4" or 1" clear tempered and laminated fins available.

  2. Full height fins which span the full height of the opening are available.

  3. Cantilevered Fins, spanning from the ceiling or floor, offer an alternative the full height fins for a maximum unobstructed view.
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