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ISG Standard Glass Floor Specifications

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***** Unique custom designed glass floor assemblies, canopies, skylights, facades, entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, and other structures can add distinction, exceptional beauty, and expansive visibility to a construction project. However, these glass structures require meticulous engineering, extensive knowledge of materials and codes, broad experience, quality materials, and expert craftsmanship. Each design will have unique parameters and requirements which must be accurately addressed in order to provide a safe, functional, durable, weather-resistant glass structure which can withstand wind and seismic loads and thermal expansion and contraction. It is critical that unique glass structures be both designed and fabricated by a single, knowledgeable entity assuming complete responsibility. Piece-meal assembly of products from numerous manufacturers and fabricators without a comprehensive design and engineered solution is not a method for achieving a functional, safe, glass structure. Innovative Structural Glass, Inc. can provide this essential sole source design and fabrication responsibility. They are a domestic company focused on the United States market. They provide glass luxury at affordable prices in a timely manner. Innovative Structural Glass, Inc. designs and fabricates a wide variety of glass structures including floor assemblies, canopies, skylights, facades, entrances, storefronts, glass fin systems, and tension truss structures. This specification guide can be used to specify a custom designed and engineered structural glass floor assemble. In contrast to more typical descriptive specifications, this section is a performance type emphasizing the critical factor of design and engineering. It provides a convenient format that can be edited to reflect the unique glass structure envisioned by an architect and ensure that it is correctly engineered, carefully detailed, accurately fabricated, and properly installed. This specification section is organized by placing information in three standard parts: s

PART 1 - GENERAL Describes the design and performance criteria for the glass floor and other administrative and procedural requirements.

PART 2 - PRODUCTS Describes materials, products, accessories, and fabrication methods to be used for the glass floor.

PART 3 - EXECUTION Describes how the components will be assembled and installed at the construction site.

(Truncated Version) Download the complete specifications below.
ISG Standard Glass Floor Specifications

Adobe PDF

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