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Q Who is Innovative Structural Glass, Inc.?
A Innovative Structural Glass, Inc. (ISG) is a quality-driven company, dedicated to providing superior products and services. ISG has more than 200 years combined experience in the design, engineering, and fabrication of ornamental metal and glass systems and is positioned to service the market demand for high-profile glass systems

In an era of compressed construction schedules, budget constraints, and demanding clients, ISG is structured to quickly assess individual needs and work toward cost-effective solutions. Unrestricted by corporate bureaucracy, off-shore engineering and manufacturing, or limitations due to project size or scope, ISG responds effectively and efficiently to customer needs.

* ISG is a domestic supply source, which improves speed to market and reduces overall product cost.
* Versatile design services by ISG are tailored to meet market demand.
* ISG's extensive structural engineering expertise can address any engineering challenge.
* Our products are manufactured by a highly skilled set of craftsmen. 
* ISG offers onsite engineering assistance to speed installation and ensure quality installations.

Q Does Innovative Structural Glass, Inc. (ISG) install its systems?
A No, we are not in the installation business. Typically we work with local qualified installation contractors. This strategic advantage helps to eliminate multiple markups and middlemen. If desired, ISG can supply the names of qualified installation contractors that are familiar with our systems.

Q Does ISG have approved or certified installers of its systems?
A Yes, ISG has approved or certified installation contractors. Most of our systems are highly engineered. To avoid the liability of an improperly installed system, it is imperative to work with a qualified installer. The architectural glass technology that we utilize is relatively new to the North American marketplace. Therefore, many contractors are not experienced or qualified to install these systems. It is important to the long-term performance and safety of your system to utilize a qualified installation contractor.

Q Does ISG provide glass samples?
A Yes, we do provide glass samples. Due to the cost of this process, the submittal of glass samples is normally handled after a contract award or during the specification of our glass products.

Q Does ISG provide hardware samples?
A Yes, we do provide hardware samples. Due to the cost of this process, the submittal of hardware samples is normally handled after a contract award or during the specification of our hardware products.

Q Can I purchase hardware only from ISG?
A ISG sells complete systems, not just hardware. ISG designs complete engineered structural glass systems backed by a full warranty. Due to the complexity with the design and engineering of point-supported structural glass systems and the liability involved, ISG sells complete systems. Today's competitive marketplace has seen a proliferation of piecemeal systems, unqualified manufacturers, a lack of engineered systems and a flood of foreign-supplied hardware and contractors that fail to practice industry standards for safety. ISG has the expertise to design and supply a complete system that is fit for use.

Q Can ISG calculate the glass performance data for custom glass makeups?
A Yes, we can. Please contact the factory for your specific design needs.

Q Does ISG employ licensed professional engineers?
A Yes, ISG employs licensed professional engineers that are licensed in all fifty States and Canada. The ISG engineering team can address any design challenge.

Q I am working on a design and I need assistance. Can ISG provide design assistance?
A ISG provides design assistance on both modest and complex designs. Our design professionals can be involved from concept development to installation. We can collaborate to achieve the architectural intent, while focusing on the system design requirements. Our design team services provide typical details, specification data, perimeter reactions, assistance with glass selection, in addition to providing budget pricing.

Q Does Innovative Structural Glass, Inc., provide onsite installation assistance?
A ISG offers jobsite assistance by qualified engineers to assure the quality of the installation.

Q Can artwork be incorporated into our glass designs?
A Innovative Structural Glass does incorporate artwork on glass. Ceramic screen patterns or etched designs can be applied to the glass. Etched designs can be either acid etched or sandblasted. Almost any image available, including lines, patterns, solids, or photographic half-tones can be transferred to the glass. Design possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

Q Does ISG test its systems?
A Our standard systems are tested by an independent testing agency. This process independently validates and verifies our system design performance criteria. Standard test procedures conform to many ASTM, AAMA, ANZI and other specifications. Standard testing procedures include many of the following:

* Air Infiltration Testing
* Static and Dynamic Water Testing
* Structural Performance
* Thermal Performance
* Accelerated Age Testing

Q Does ISG offer specifications in a CSI format?
A Detailed specifications are available in a CSI format to aid in your design process. Hard copy or electronic versions are available utilizing a Microsoft Word format. Please view the specific section of interest on this web site for product specifications or contact the factory for more information.

Q What is a Glass Fin Structure?
A ISG's Glass Fin Structures offer an exciting option to your glass façade needs. A series of glass mainplates, which form the plane of the wall, are paired with glass fins, without the need of conventional metal mullions. This virtually eliminates the sightline and creates a total vision area. Specially engineered glass splice plate assemblies or spider fittings can join the mainplates to the fins. The resulting system is one that yields maximum visibility, a sense of openness and a modern flair. Please view the Glass Fin Structures section of our web site for further information.

Q What is a Tension Structure?
A ISG's Tension Structures are designed to support the glass facade. The versatility of this system allows for a vertical and/or horizontal truss support. It can be designed to project subtle elegance or strength of line. Tension Structures are an efficient means to carry loads. Whether used to brace wall structures, canopies, or roof structures, our system of connection allows for easy assembly and installation onsite.

Q I have a structure that I would like to clad in glass. How can ISG help me?
A Innovative Structural Glass specializes in integrating glass with existing materials as well as new construction designs. We can engineer attachments to steel decorative metal structures, concrete, masonry and wood. This unique solution for new and existing construction allows you to:

* Create a new façade
* Expand a lobby space
* Improve climate control
* Increase natural light
* Add drama with night time lighting
* Create glass signage

Q Does Innovative Structural Glass recommend the use of clear silicones?
A While clear silicones can be used in conjunction with our systems, generally we do not recommend the use of clear silicones for aesthetic reasons. “Clear” silicones are not truly clear, but are typically translucent. Over time, clear silicone tends to yellow, thus drawing the eye. Silicone, by its nature, also attracts dirt and dust which is highlighted with the use of the clear silicone. When silicone is applied to a typical joint, it is tooled to give it a smooth appearance. It is nearly impossible to apply the silicone to ensure that no air bubbles will encased in the joint from both the tooling process and the product itself as it comes from the factory. These air bubbles are more commonly viewable in clear silicones. Our general recommendation is with highly transparent constructions, select a black silicone since viewing occurs through the glass, not at the joint.