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Innovative Structural Glass offers a wide variety of glass support fittings designed to adhere to exacting engineering specifications. As an integral part of our engineered systems, ISG’s glass support fittings add the assurance of durability and the flair of stylish design.

Fabricated from 316 alloy stainless steel, ISG’s fittings are available in a wide variety of finishes from the maintenance free standard finishes of satin and polished stainless steel to custom powder-coated, solid brass and gold plated finishes. This hardware can be used with glass ranging in thickness from 1/4” – 1-5/8” thick and fastened to monolithic, laminated, or insulated glass. ISG utilizes an independent testing laboratory to ensure the quality and engineering of its products.

ISG Glass Support Fitting Advantages
  1. Integral components of ISG’s structural glass systems, yielding reliable results in the field.

  2. Engineered to meet U.S. standards for seismic and hurricane forces.

  3. Custom hardware designs are available to meet special project requirements.

  4. Fabricated of materials selected to ensure durability and structural integrity over time.

  5. Variety of finishes available.

  6. Adaptable to a variety of glass thicknesses.
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